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Let’s take a closer look at sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is often reminiscent of older types of sheet flooring, but only at first glance. Now, more than ever before, this product line is one that caters to homeowner needs with ease and grace. It’s beautiful, durable, and offers some unique benefits that you’ll love once the material is in place in your home.

If you’re looking for a floor covering that’s easy on the budget, but that offers some of the most beautiful appearance options, you’re in the right place. And you don’t have to sacrifice durability to get those good looks. It’s an excellent package that gives you a beautiful blend of everything necessary for your floors.

Sheet vinyl flooring will be right at home on your floors

In most cases, one sheet of this flooring can cover an average-sized room. That means absolutely no seams, from wall to wall. The great benefit here is the water resistance that protects you so well against spills, leaks, and humidity. Once you try it, you may never want to go back to seamed flooring again.
For decorative appeal, these floors offer extensive visual options. Colors and patterns are available, but the most popular look is that which mimics all-natural stone or solid hardwood flooring. Since there are so many variations of color, grain pattern, and format, every décor scheme has a perfect match in this flooring line.

This sheet flooring also offers a bit of resilience, which means a warmer, more comfortable step in any area it’s placed. Choosing a thicker product increases this benefit. If you’re still looking for something warmer, you can always ask about placing runners or gorgeous area rugs in specific locations for the best results.

The installation process for this floor covering is relatively quick and easy. However, we do encourage a professional install due to the size of the single-piece flooring. Our installation team is experienced, equipped with all the right tools, and prepared to create the floors you’ve always dreamed of.

Purchasing vinyl flooring the easy way

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If you’re ready to get your vinyl sheet flooring project underway, we encourage you to visit us for more information and assistance.