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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions



50% due at the time of order. Balance is due at completion. The final balance will automatically be run to the original form of payment unless other arrangements are made. All material only sales will be paid in full prior to ordering.


  • Unused, undamaged merchandise in unopened boxes, purchased from STORE STOCK and returned within 30 days of purchase will receive a full refund. Unused and undamaged merchandise, returned after 30 days of purchase, will qualify for an in-store credit or exchange and will be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

  • If the merchandise listed is a special order, returns and cancellations will not be accepted and no deposits refunded.

Installation Information

  • Material verification: Please ensure that all materials listed within the contract are accurate including: Cushion, Subflooring, Transition moldings, Wall moldings, Grout color, Grout type, Plank installation direction, Tile installations direction (straight, diagonal, custom pattern, etc.) The Installation or use of any flooring material(s) will constitute your acceptance "as is". Once the installation has begun and/or complete, you are in acceptance to the materials listed, type of installation, direction etc. and to the full amount of the contract/invoice.

  • Visible merchandise damage or any home damage must be reported to our store within 24 hours of delivery or installation.

  • Temperature and humidity must be maintained within manufacturer's specifications during acclimation, installation, and after installation. Failure to maintain proper temperature and humidity may cause permanent damage to flooring for which Floor Source cannot be held responsible.

  • Installers will need access to electricity during installation. Installer will need access to water during installation (tile & vinyl installation only).

  • Arrival Time: Each installation is custom and some may take longer than others. A confirmation with approximate time of arrival will be given 24 hours prior to the original install date.

  • Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to be at the jobsite the entire day.

  • The Buyer/Customer will be fully responsible for the tenant’s safety during and after new flooring installation.

  • Floor Source provides a 2 year installation warranty. The following conditions are not considered installation-related problems and are not covered beyond this limited-installation warranty:

Carpet: Visible seams normally required for installation.
Ceramic Flooring: Tile and grout cracking due to subfloor deflection or foundation settling.
Hardwood Flooring: Gapping between boards and moisture-related issues.
Laminate/Vinyl Flooring: Moisture-related issues.

  • Color match to samples will vary from dye lot to dye lot. Buyer agrees to accept color variances that fall within industry-established ranges. Hardwood and stone products are natural materials that will have color variations such as variations from heartwood to sapwood, mineral streaks, and variations in the grain. Temperature and humidity must be maintained within manufacturer specifications by the customer.

  • Carpet wrinkles are caused by many things. Humidity, temperature, heavy furniture and cleanings. Floor Source will cover any “re stretching” during the 2 year installation warranty period. Re stretches needed after the two years will be at the customer’s expense.

  • Foot printing/shading: Expect to see foot prints, vacuum tracks and shading in the carpet. These are unavoidable because of the high luster and softer materials of today’s carpet yarns.

  • Dust: Installing new flooring may cause a considerable amount of dust. Please take adequate measures to protect your belongings. The dust cannot be contained to just the areas being installed.

  • Squeaks: We cannot repair existing floor squeaks or guarantee that any attempt to do so will be effective.

  • Doors: We assume no responsibility for cutting doors. Installers can remove doors to install flooring, but we are not responsible for replacing doors if the new flooring does not provide adequate clearance.

  • Walls, Baseboards & Drywall: Even though the installers will take all normal precautions when new flooring is installed, it may be necessary for to touch up the baseboards, paint and or drywall after installation. This is the responsibility of the customer. Floor Source will not be liable for any damages or touch ups. If you plan to paint or wallpaper, this should be completed after installation. New applied paint and wallpaper is especially susceptible to damage.

  • Seams may be visible on carpet & vinyl installations. Where seaming is necessary the carpet/vinyl will be seamed according to the best known method, and the best possible way for the material involved. The visibility of your seams will depend on the type of carpet/vinyl, lighting, and direction of seam. Unless otherwise specifically mentioned on the order in writing, seams will be left to the discretion of the installer.

  • Existing or subfloors not installed by Floor Source: Installing new hard surface floors without the required sub-floor will void all installation warranties and may affect the manufacturer's warranty as well. Problems arising from underlayment not installed by us or arising from floor structure are not our responsibility and are not covered by the warranties.

  • Unforeseen structural issues/Floor Prep: Many structural issues cannot be seen until the old flooring is removed. If the installers find any structural issues during installation such as termite damage, water damage, structural subflooring or foundation issues, the install will be stopped until the customer is able to remedy the structural issues. “BASIC” floor prep is included on hard surface jobs; however, additional prep may be required at customer’s expense for crack grinding, crack membrane and self-leveling.

  • Delivery & Installation: Delivery and installation may be delayed because of reasons beyond Floor Sources’ control such as weather, production delays, shipping delays, fires, accidents, strikes, lock-outs, and governmental acts. Buyer agrees that Floor Source is not responsible for delays or failures in delivery or installation caused by reasons beyond Floor Sources’ control. Floor Source is not responsible for any consequential damages or costs arising from the occurrence of any event as described in this paragraph.

  • Plumbing fixtures (upstairs toilets and pedestal sinks) are the responsibility of the customer. A professional plumber is required at the customer’s expense for all plumbing needs. Floor Source will not be held liable for any damages related to the removing and resetting of plumbing fixtures, connection hoses and shut off valves

  • Customer must adhere to the following requirements/provisions:

Furniture Moving

Customer will move furniture out of the work areas unless customer requests us to handle it for an agreed price. Our installers will use extreme caution when moving furniture, however; Floor Source will not be responsible for any damages due to such movements. Moving Furniture includes moving larger furniture only, so please complete the following tasks before the installer arrives: Remove all breakables for work areas. Remove wall plaques and pictures from all areas including rooms adjacent to areas being installed. Remove bedding and pillows. Remove items from the top of dressers and tables. Remove items from closet floors and all low hanging garments. China cabinets should have the glass removed by the customer prior to moving. Electronics: Our installers do not move electronics of any kind. Customer is responsible for disassembly and moving prior to install, assembling and connecting equipment after the installation is complete.


Electronics, safes, firearms, aquariums, artwork, bedding, books, china, closet contents, computers, electronics, exercise equipment, knick-knacks, pianos, wall units, built in furniture, pool tables, waterbeds and Grand Father clocks

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Product Warranty: All floor covering products are covered by either a manufacturer's warranty, a warranty from a fiber company, or both. No other warranties, either expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability, are provided. Any warranty offered by the Manufacturer is direct from the Manufacturer and not Floor Source.

  • All carpet manufacturers’ require regular professional cleanings (every 18-24 months) to maintain warranties’. All receipts must be saved by the customer in the event of a claim.

  • Please see manufacturers' separate warranties for the terms of their warranties.

  • These limited warranties apply to flooring installed only in owner-occupied residential space where no commercial activity takes place.

  • These limited warranties exclude flooring that has been put to commercial use, rentals, abnormal use or conditions, or abused in any way. "Commercial use" includes, but is not limited to, use in a store, office, or other place of business. "Abnormal use or conditions" includes, but is not limited to, water damage from plumbing, storm, or flood; damage from smoke or fire; damage from improper cleaning methods or materials; and from improper maintenance. "Abuse" is any use of the flooring that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses of flooring in a residence.

  • These warranties apply only to the original purchaser.

  • These warranties apply only to flooring professionally installed by Floor Source authorized installers.

**These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. New Terms and Conditions are applicable from the moment they are posted to our website.**