The Benefits Of Choosing Carpet

The Benefits Of Choosing Carpet

Carpet flooring is known for its incredible comfort. As the softest material available in flooring, carpet flooring’s comfort is unmatched! Here are just a few: 


There is so much flexibility when it comes time to style your home. Carpet offers a variety of options and fiber choices. Finding a texture that best fits your interior design style is simple. With so many options it is easy to curate the best fit for you!


People tend to steer away from carpet out of fear of the upkeep but new advancements in manufacturing allow for some incredible benefits that allow for long-lasting carpet that can withstand more wear than ever. Carpet materials have come a long way. Nylon and polyester offer excellent longevity and new manufacturing methods make it so the carpet can withstand even more accidents. 

At Floor Source we offer spill-proof carpet options that are great for those with young kids, pets or anyone who just doesn’t want to stress about the potential of making a mess. Not only is this new carpet more difficult to stain they are also easy to clean.

Don’t forget to ask about how beneficial a professional carpet installation is to the overall lifespan of your flooring.

Reduce noise

Carpet is known for its’ soft cushioned feel. Not only does this allow for some wonderful comfortability it also does a phenomenal job at absorbing sound. Carpet can be a great option for busy households, especially for shared spaces. Other flooring options such as hardwood or tile are hard and will bounce the sound back into the space. 


Carpet’s soft texture allows for amazing comfort. Whether you are creating a cozy room to end your day in with a good book or a family room that will host countless sleepovers. Carpet is a great option to enhance the comfortable, plush and soft feeling of your space.


With so many options to choose from it can be easy to become overwhelmed. We are here to simplify the process. 

When choosing carpet we suggest you visit us in-store at our Phoenix or Scottsdale showrooms, or schedule a shop-at-home appointment so you can feel the carpet for yourself. Deciding what you want to walk on every day is the easiest way to narrow down your options. We want you to make an educated choice that best fits you and your needs. So if you have any questions please give us a call or send us a message and we will reach out to you.