Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

There a various flooring types that would fall under the tile flooring category. Two of the most popular types of tile flooring are porcelain and ceramic tile. There are benefits to both types of tile and what is best for your home will vary based on your needs, preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Ceramic Tile:
Ceramic tile is very commonly used, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. The water resistance you’ll find in these pieces is thanks to a very low permeability created when the high-quality clay and other natural resources are fired in a hot kiln. The result is a material that’s gorgeous, durable, and long-lasting. Its various benefits from its’ water resistance, it is incredibly difficult to stain and its’ incredibly long competitive life span. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of tile read our blog. 

Porcelain Tile:
Porcelain tile is very similar to ceramic it is actually a type of ceramic. What makes porcelain different is made with only the highest quality clay. This high-quality clay is a more refined clayed than the clayed used for ceramic tile. This clay is also baked at a higher temperature. This does mean that is going to be the more expensive option. You are paying for quality. Porcelain tile is more water-resistant than ceramic. In order for tile to be certified as “certified porcelain tile” the water absorption rate must be 0.5% or less. This lack of absorption allows porcelain to stain much less and be generally a more durable option.  

You’ll find that these materials feature a through-body color scheme that works well to hide cracks, chips, or scratches. These floors are often chosen for natural or rustic settings where eco-friendly materials are allowed to shine through. 

Some of the downsides are that it is a pricer option, porcelain tile is heavier and it can be a more slippery material compared to ceramic which is something to keep in mind depending on your lifestyle and where you plan to install this flooring.

Choosing an Arizona tile store: 
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