Choosing Flooring For Your Kitchen

Choosing Flooring For Your Kitchen

When choosing a new type of flooring for your home it is incredibly important to think about what will be happening in each individual room. When it comes to your kitchen, that list can become fairly long quickly. Family meetings, science projects, holiday baking, breakfast before school, late-night snacks the list could go on forever. With a room that is heavily trafficked every single day we recommend you choose a floor that is durable and designed for easy cleanup. Here are a few of the options you have. 


Hardwood is a classic choice because of its’ stylish appearance, durability, and amazing lifespan, homeowners continue to gravitate to this amazing flooring. It’s simply one of the best materials for flooring your home, especially for the long term.


Laminate has a variety of perks from its’ beautiful look, the phenomenal durability, it allows for quick and easy installation all for a great price. Laminate is a great option for those who want floors that can withstand the mess that comes with daily life for a great price.


Tile is another classic choice. They work in a variety of spaces, match extensive décor schemes and give you an average of 50-year life span. If you do choose tile you will have to decide between porcelain and ceramic.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl can be a great fit for a variety of homes and lifestyles. It is a great option for families with small children or pets. Although everyone makes messes. Luxury Vinyl comes in both plank and tile so you can get a beautiful tile look or a hardwood style. It is a water-resistant flooring that can be incredibly valuable for any heavily trafficked room in your home and is particularly good for easy clean-up.


This product line is one that caters to homeowner needs with ease and grace. It’s beautiful, durable, and offers some unique benefits for a great price. It offers water resistance that protects you so well against spills, leaks, and humidity. In most cases, one sheet of this flooring can cover an average-sized room. That means absolutely no seams, from wall to wall. This is great for water-resistance as well as a clean sharp look.

When it comes to picking a flooring we can help you figure out the logistics of flooring that will be the best fit for your lifestyle. We are here to give you expert advice all you need to decide is what you like best. Stop into any of our locations and one of our team members would be happy to help you.